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Todd Anderson

Head of Programming

Todd is an experienced head of content known for driving content-led strategies and revenue growth in the events industry. He is responsible for producing industry leading programs for the DealCatalyst community of borrowers, investors, and financial service providers.

Todd held the position as head of content at Fintech Nexus (formerly LendIt Fintech) for more than 8 years, building a leading digital and in-person events platform for fintechs, banks, and investors. He has produced content in all forms for the past 16 years, fostering relationships with industry leaders and establishing partnerships with leading media outlets. Todd is a sought-after speaker and moderator at industry events, bringing a proven track record of success in content and relationship management.

He is an avid reader and sports fan, following Notre Dame football, the Buffalo Bills, and the New York Mets. 

Todd Anderson
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